Transfer prices – services

On 1 January 2019, another amendment to the transfer pricing legislation entered into force. The new regulations imposed an obligation on taxpayers to prepare local transfer pricing documentation for each controlled transaction of homogeneous nature whose value...

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  • Analysis of documentation obligations
  • Preparation or verification of transfer pricing documentation and Master File group documentation
  • Preparation, updating or verification of comparative analyses
  • Development of transfer pricing policy
  • Support in restructuring processes
  • Assistance in meeting the requirements of documentation and reporting obligations (including preparation of TPR-C information, preparation of a management declaration)
  • Support for negotiation of price agreements (APAs) and mutual agreement procedure (MAP)
  • Support during tax audits
  • Ongoing tax advice on transfer pricing

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Publication of TPR interactive forms

Interactive forms were published on the Tax Portal: transfer pricing information for legal entities - TPR-C (2) transfer pricing information for natural persons - TPR-P (2) These forms are used to submit transfer pricing information for the tax year starting after 31...

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Ministry of Finance

– Transfer prices

Questions and answers

Who is required to prepare the Master File?

According to the applicable regulations, entities are obliged to attach the Master File to the local documentation: those belonging to the group of related entities, whose consolidated revenue in the group of related entities exceeded PLN 200,000,000 or its equivalent...

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dr Jarosław F. Mika

Leader of TP’s practice; doctor of economics in finance; tax advisor, member of the Programme Council of the Transfer Pricing Institute; author of book publications on transfer pricing; trainer of training courses for entrepreneurs and tax administration bodies; member of the Competition Commission of the 3rd edition of the competition for the best thesis on tax law organized by the National Chamber of Tax Advisors; specializes in settling financial and service transactions conducted by related entities.

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