Taxonity provides services to assess the compliance of the applicable tax law in the scope of business activity. The analysis covers transactions/events/events/internal regulations of the entity in comparison with domestic and international law.

Taxonity offers support in the following areas:

Mandatory disclosure rules (MDR)

  1. Audit of correct identification of tax schemes
  2. Verification of the company’s internal regulations (internal procedure and instructions)
  3. Meeting reporting obligations (MDR-1, MDR-2, MDR-3, MDR-4)
  4. Verification of agreements with contractors with respect to the analysis of obligations to identify tax schemes

Withholding tax (WHT)

  1. Audit of correct withholding tax settlement
  2. Implementation of reporting obligations (IFT-2/IFT-2R, CIT-10Z, PIT-8AR, ORD-U, ORD-TK, ORD-W1)
  3. Verification of agreements with contractors in the field of proper execution of tax obligations, application of tax exemptions or non-collection of tax
  4. Identification of transactions in respect of anti-abuse clauses (GAAR, Article 22 c UoCIT), beneficial owner, concept of due diligence

Transfer pricing (TP)

  1. Analysis of the transfer pricing documentation obligation (Local file, transfer pricing analysis, master file)
  2. Verification of agreements with contractors regarding the method of calculation of remuneration, selection of the right method, payment dates and functional analysis
  3. Transfer pricing market management, including planning transactions for the possibility of applying statutory exemptions to documentation obligations
  4. Fulfillment of reporting obligations (statement of the management board on preparation of local transfer pricing documentation, TPR-C/TPR-P)
  5. Fulfilling the reporting obligation for entities in a group of entities (Country-by-Country Reporting)

Taxonity’s tax compliance services also include tax risk management in the above mentioned areas, including planning of tax settlements/obligations with the application of both domestic regulations and international law standard.