Working for Taxonity allows each of our employees to use their potential of knowledge and personal values in contacts with our customers.

The values according to which Taxonity operates are based on the Code of Ethics. Therefore, each employee who identifies himself/herself with the principles contained in the Code assumes responsibility for the work performed on the one hand and is proud to be a member of Taxonity on the other hand.
A clearly defined career path creates guidelines for each of the employees for their achievements, so that after many years they can become a full-fledged partner of Taxonity.

Everyone who submits an application for employment is provided (after the initial selection stage) with a professional recruitment process completed with a candidate evaluation card.

Taxonity provides services to many companies from most sectors of the economy. In this way, each Taxonity specialist gains new experience by being closer to the world of business, economy and science.


We are currently recruiting trainees. Persons selected by Taxonity during interviews may start their careers in one of the tax teams. The trainee performs basic substantive work commissioned by higher-level employees during the company’s full-time or part-time working hours.

If you are interested, please send us: cv, photos and a cover letter to: 


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