About taxonity

The operational and strategic activity of enterprises often requires meeting new and complex challenges. On the one hand, the impact of the European market and the interpenetration of economic problems from other continents absorbs a lot of time and resources to understand the changes taking place in the economy. On the other hand, the need to react quickly to changes in tax law regulations forces the creation of new optimisation solutions. We are the only tax advisory company in Poland that mainly provides services in the field of Transfer Pricing. A team of specialists with unique knowledge of transfer pricing (benchmarking, optimization projects for capital groups, determination and market research of price levels, preparation of tax documentation, preparation of APA applications, representation of clients in ongoing tax and administrative court proceedings) enables many companies to achieve both tax security and tax savings.

The measure of our success is the growing number of our satisfied clients who have placed their trust in us. The fact that our clients entrust us with substantive tax advisory services strengthens our position on the market and at the same time is an expression of special thanks to our specialists for their cooperation.

Jarosław F. Mika
Managing Partner




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